When her son at age seven began expressing awareness of things that others did not see, hear or know of, Lynn Poulos was skeptical and concerned that he suffered from mental illness. After years of struggle and fear Lynn slowly began to realize the breadth of his highly intuitive nature.

Mother of two boys, coach, corporate professional, writer, speaker and advocate for highly intuitive children, Lynn is passionate about helping other parents after maneuvering her own journey and realizing how easy it is to misdiagnose and misunderstand these children.

With a strong desire to learn and find resources for her own son, she explored a wide variety of holistic modalities from a number of practitioners and experts. Having learned techniques and tools that had remarkable results for her son and family, she later trained as a life coach with Martha Beck, featured columnist for Oprah Magazine and best-selling author.

Committed to creating the practical support, resources and sense of community that she was searching for, Lynn is dedicated to helping parents so that their children may embrace all that they are meant to be.

Please contact Lynn if she can be of service.