Parenting the Intuitive Child

As a parent of an intuitive child, you already know that they miss nothing. Conflicts, struggles and all the challenging parts of normal life are easily absorbed by an intuitive child. My mission is to support you in being the best parent that you can be, especially in this unusual situation.

There are three things to remember that can help you as the parent of an intuitive child:

1. Be as healthy as possible within yourself: mind, body and spirit.
I often describe this as “do your own work.” I have tools and resources that can help you laser in on the issues that could be making life with an intuitive child more challenging than it has to be.

2. Stay grounded with the magic of it all.
It’s easy to be swept away with your child’s unique abilities and what he or she is expressing. I am a strong advocate for the intuitive child to have a “normal” childhood. Even if he is having remarkably non-physical experiences, things like homework, family chores and just plain “kid stuff” are vitally important.

3. Trust your child’s instincts.
If your child expresses fear or resistance toward a person, place or thing, trust it. Their radar includes information that we are not aware of. It may appear irrational to our thinking, but your child’s instincts are clear and they need our support without being challenged or judged.

My coaching services are for parents who are just discovering that their child is an intuitive and for parents who may be confused about how to support their child in this journey.

I work with parents and individuals privately by phone or Skype; all conversations are confidential. Sessions are one hour long and the fee is $90 per session.  My secure payment processor is Paypal and payment for sessions is required in advance.

I understand that hiring someone online may feel unfamiliar. If you are not satisfied that I can be of assistance after our first hour, then I will happily refund your fee.

I’ve been where you are, and and I can help.

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