Traits of Intuitive Children

How will you know if your child is highly intuitive?

Many times the traits of an intuitive child are masked by other health or behavioral issues. It’s very easy to focus on those issues and miss what might be the core contributing element of your child’s makeup. While the list below is not exhaustive, seeing a number of these traits in your child may guide you in understanding the whole child and finding the correct support and treatment plan.

  • Experiences frequent night frights or night terrors.
  • Difficulty with conflict.
  • Talks about seeing colors.
  • Has an imaginary play friend.
  • Exhibits high empathy toward others.
  • Knows of things before they happen.
  • Has frequent stomach aches or headaches.
  • Sensitivity to noise and crowded places.
  • Expresses beliefs or understanding of life and death concepts at a developmentally young age.
  • Hyperactive and, or anxious.
  • Requires a lot of quiet time.
  • Has an active inner life.
  • Expresses feeling different from peers.
  • Senses what animals, pets need.
  • Sensitive to clothing fabrics.
  • Feels stress from traumatic world events.
  • Talks about a previous time in history, ‘past lives’ or angels.
  • Commonly labeled ADD/ADHD or on the Autistic Spectrum.